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Brief description on working control

The control of the booster system of the large flat vulcanizer has always been the key to the quality of the production of large conveyor belts. The hydraulic cylinders are supported by multiple hot plates. Although the hot plates themselves have high rigidity, the characteristics of each hydraulic cylinder are Is different, there is a big difference in the amount of leakage, so hot plate often appear uneven force situation, and, different tape, the buck curve is often required different.

The pressure in the hydraulic cylinder is piped into the hydraulic cylinder by the high-pressure water pump, and the hot plate and the piston have mechanical gap, and the cylinder is different.

Flat-plate vulcanizing machine relies on high-pressure water pump to produce high-pressure water through the pipeline, the control valve is input to each individual hydraulic cylinder to produce the pressure, causes the piston to produce the pressure to the hot plate separately, the uneven distribution of the piston pressure and the pressing speed does not meet the technological requirement Conveyor belt in the stereotypes, the process of curing bubbles, surface finish is not enough, uneven conveyor belt and vulcanization strength and many other defects, resulting in tapes become defective or even scrapped.

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