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Maintenance of flat vulcanizing machine

Flat vulcanizing machine daily maintenance points:

1. Cylinder hydraulic cylinder plunger, front and rear clamping cylinder plunger, drawing cylinder plunger, joint vulcanizing machine plunger and repair plate vulcanizing machine plunger seal should be kept sealed, no drip.

2. Check to adjust the gap between the hot plate guide (slide) and the column (frame) to keep it at 1.5mm and do not have serious wear column (frame).

3. Check the front and rear auxiliary drive system, should maintain good lubrication, normal operation.

4. The pressure gauge, thermometer, ammeter, voltmeter and electrical contact pressure gauge should be regularly tested, should indicate accurate, sensitive and reliable.

5. Steam pipe insulation to be complete, the trap to check once a week to remain sensitive and reliable.

6. Hot plate before closing each time, should carefully check the hot plate between the horn and the location of the iron is appropriate, there is no overlap, the conveyor belt blanks should not be brought into the hot plate with foreign matter, so as not to damage the hot plate.

7. Check the hydraulic station of the oil pump, valve parts and pipe accessories, etc., should be no loss, no leakage, sensitive and reliable.

8. Clean the surface of the hot plate with a scraper every week to keep the hot plate surface clean.


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