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The working principle of flat vulcanizing machine

The working process of the flat vulcanizing machine is: after the mold is installed, the pressure water or the pressure oil is introduced into the hydraulic cylinder. At this time, the movable platform is raised and pressed to the model or the product placed on the hot plate, Steam, so that the model or product to obtain the required pressure and temperature vulcanization. Vulcanization is completed, so that the pressure inside the hydraulic cylinder, due to the weight of the plunger so that the activities of the platform down, you can remove the product.

It can be seen that the vulcanization of the rubber product is carried out at a certain temperature, pressure and time. Under the action of high temperature, the phenomenon of gelation occurred in the molecule, and its structure changed from linear structure to body structure, so as to obtain products with certain physical and mechanical properties. But the rubber material began to become soft after heating, while the moisture inside the compound and volatile to gasification, then must be given enough pressure to make the product pressure to obtain a certain shape of the product and limit the formation of bubbles, so that the organization Dense structure. If the adhesive layer of the product can make the adhesive layer and cloth with a firm, for the product, when the mold compound when heated to give enough pressure, can help the rapid flow of materials filled with models, access to the ideal product. To prevent the mold is not tight due to the mold from the seam produced by the overflow, pattern missing, stomatal sponge and so on. Therefore, the rubber products in the vulcanization process must be given a certain temperature, and make it even pressure, the pressure depends on the size of the material properties, product structure, process conditions. The pressure required for vulcanization of the rubber model product is generally 2.5 to 3.5 MPa, and the product is small and the fluidity of the compound is small. And vice versa. For the silicone rubber model products take 5.0MPa. It is important to note that the vulcanization pressure can be much greater than the above values in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the model product (ie, the requirement is thin), and some information is recommended to be not less than 1.3 MPa. For the pressure required for rubber flat belt, ~ 2.5MPa, some foreign up to 4.4MPa.

Flat vulcanizing machine nominal tonnage and hydraulic size of the choice can be obtained through the calculation.


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