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Calculation of pressure of flat vulcanizing machine (1)

Tablet vulcanizer can provide the pressure

 The pressure P2 provided by the plate vulcanizer depends on the area of the heated plate and the unit pressure of the heated plate.

                           P2 = F2p2

Where P2 ------ plate vulcanizing machine can provide the pressure, MN;

        F2 ------- flat area, ㎡;

        P2 ------- plate provided by the pressure, MPa.

The pressure provided by the flat vulcanizer is much greater than the required pressure determined by the process conditions.

                          P2 ≥ P1

  Flat plate vulcanizing machine heating plate area and must be greater than the pressure of the vulcanized products in order to meet the needs of production.

3. Raise the minimum pressure required for the movable part of the flat vulcanizer

  The minimum pressure Pmin necessary to raise the movable part of the plate vulcanizer. Should include overcoming the gravity of the movable part of the flat vulcanizing machine and overcome the friction force of the sealing ring when lifting and lowering the plunger.

                            Pmin = G + R

Where Pmin -------- for the lifting plate vulcanizing machine moving part of the minimum pressure required, MN;

         G -------- Gravity of the movable part of the flat vulcanizer, MN;

         R -------- plunger lift and seal when the friction resistance, MN.

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